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a huge number of Rocket League Crates, Keys, Skins in stock.

> Rocket League Championship Series Team Dignitas Win Rlcs World Championship Season 5

Rocket League Championship Series - Team Dignitas Win RLCS World Championship Season 5

6/11/2018 3:02:13 PM

Dignitas wins against NRG Esports in the final of the Worlds Championship Season 5 of Rocket League.

Rocket League Championship Series Season 5

Team Dignitas wins the 5th season of the Rocket League Championship Series. They win by coming back from the lower bracket in a magnificent match against NRG Esports.

Rocket League Season 5 World Champions - Team Dignitas

Results of the Matches

RLCS World Championship Season 5 - Results of the matches

RLCS Season 5 Ranking

RLCS World Championship Season 5 - RLCS season 5 ranking

Dignitas 3 - 0 Evil Genuises

Dignitas struggles to win this game by scoring the golden goal during the 3 extra periods. The games were really played at one goal. Kaydop makes the last decisive pass by performing a fake on the backboard, it is rare enough to be noted. Dignitas will have better play their next games to continue to consider the final victory.

Cloud9 3 - 0 Chiefs Esports

Even before the match begins the crowd chants "Chiefs! Chiefs!" endlessly. As expected the 4th man is on the Australian side. Cloud9 is, as usual, very busy and takes advantage of several defensive mistakes from Chiefs Esports to score goals. Indeed, the Chiefs players are naive on offensive phases by letting the ball hang a little too long in front of the goals. The Australians still achieve a good parkous by finishing 6th, 2 places better compared to the previous season.

NRG Esports 4 - 0 compLexity Gaming

After defeating Dignitas and now CompLexity Gaming, NRG Esports prove they have come to be a champion following GarretG's challenge. By staying in the upper bracket until the final, they will have the advantage of a bo on their opponent.

Dignitas 3 - 0 Cloud9

The opposition is almost exclusively "Can not stop the kaydop", the Dignitas player shows here that he deserves his nickname by registering as many personal goals as collective without any error on his part. Of course, Turbopolsa and ViolentPanda make a perfect match. Despite a resistance from Cloud9 on the first game, the following 2 are a simple formality.

CompLexity Gaming 2 - 4 Dignitas

First incredible game by the number of shots and stops of the two teams, Al0t scored a magnificent "double tap" in extra time, but compLexity Gaming finally loses the first set. This is the best bo of the tournament before the final is played. The game is fluid and collective, it's a pleasure to watch this meeting. Turbopolsa trash talk, as usual, recalling that their defeat against NRG Esports and, again their opponent in the final, was a warm-up.

NRG Esports - Team Dignitas

1st BO7: 1 - 4

Apparently, Turbopolsa was right about their previous loss to NRG, it was just a warm-up. Dignitas plays unbelievably well, the passes are precise and fast, the shots of the ceiling sanction each time a goal. Players start adding personal feats, NRG Esports cannot do anything. Dignitas is impressive because the level of play proposed increases at each of their meetings. The pressure is now on NRG Esports.

2nd BO7: 3 - 4

This last bo is also beautiful with a little less madness. The players take us into a decisive 7th decisive game. Turbopolsa poorly controls one of his first balls and concedes a goal against his side. He then takes the game on his own by scoring all the goals of his team (3-4). Kaydop, who was discreet, goes on center to center. Dignitas takes the advantage at 4 seconds from the end of the game but is equalized by jstn. on an aerial buzzer from elsewhere.

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