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> Rocket League Rumble Mode Guide How When To Use Powerups Efficiently

Rocket League Rumble Mode Guide - How & When To Use Power-ups Efficiently?

10/31/2018 12:07:04 AM

Rocket League Rumble is a default matchmaking mode, standard 3v3 match with power-ups. When you are gaming, every 10 seconds you will receive a random power up that you can use by pressing a key. How, when and where to use the power-ups efficiently to help your team win? In this guide, we aim to help you out.

Rocket League Rumble mode is fun, but since it released into the game in 2016, players can be annoying when your team doesn't understand when, where, and how to use their abilities. And there are many tips you can find searching on Google, but we do find a guide made by player 28 on steam is very useful, may be you can read the origional guide here and take a try:

Rocket League Rumble Power-ups


Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Disruptor

Makes your opponent go at full boost speed for a few seconds. Also fills his boost to 99.

Use 1: Against the goalkeeper.

Use 2: Against the one waiting for a centered ball.

NEVER use it on someone that has Spikes activated.

If the one that disrupted you gets demolished, your forced boost also stops.



Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Swapper

Swaps your position with the targeted opponent.

Use 1: Against the goalkeeper when ball is coming his way.

Use 2: Whenever you want to teleport to a better position or keep an opponent from reaching a ball.

NEVER use it while you're goalkeeping.


The Boot

Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - The Boot

Kicks the targeted opponent.

Use 1: On the goalkeeper right before he is about to save.

Use 2: Whenever an opponent is about to hit the ball before you.

Using it while in the air on someone that is on the ground will have little to no effect.



Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Tornado

Creates a tornado around your car that sweeps up the ball and nearby opponents.

Use 1: With a bit of practice you can carry the ball right in the goal.

Use 2: Annoy your opponents.

Use 3: Block an opponent's way to the ball.

Use 4: Annoy your opponents some more.

Don't use it to block enemy shots towards your goal. It might curve the ball and help them score instead.



Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Magnetizer

Attracts the ball to your car for a few seconds.

Use 1: When the ball is near the enemy goal. Just pull it in.

Use 2: Dribble with it between the opponents, since the way it attracts the ball can be confusing.

Use 3: Fly and carry the ball with you in the goal.

The attraction is better the closer the ball is to you but its still not that effective if an opponents hits the ball away. So DON'T try to goalkeeper with it.



Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Freezer

Freezes the ball in-place, be it on the ground or in the air.

Use 1: When goalkeeping.

Use 2: Setting the ball for an air hit in front of enemy goalpost.

Use 3: Tricking enemy defenders by stopping the ball before they're about to clear it or right after they do.

Use 4: Freeze the ball as high as you can and watch the noobs try to hit it.

Ball will unfreeze 3 seconds later or at the slightest touch.

Icy ball bug: If you freeze the ball while an opponent is pulling it with Plunger the ball will drop on the ground freely but still iced up for a few seconds until someone hits it.


Grappling Hook

Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Grappling Hook

Pulls you towards the ball.

Use 1: Hitting that centered ball at the right time.

Use 2: When goalkeeping.

Use 3: Hitting difficult air shots. Just fly near the ball and bang it.

Depending on how far you are from the ball it will take a bit until you get pulled to it and by the time you reach it you might hit the ball towards your goal, so DON'T use it unless you're close.

Bug: Sometimes when a ball is coming your way very fast and you use Grappling Hook, it has no effect and your car will get bumped in the same direction as the ball.


Power Hitter

Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Power Hitter

Gives your car temporary super strength allowing you demolish others just by touching them.

Use 1: Hit the ball in the goal. (wow who could've thought, right?)

Use 2: Destroy your opponents.

I recommend a combination of both.

If you hit an opponent that also has Power Hitter activated both of you will be demolished, unless you hit him from behind (this works even if you dont have Power Hitter, just like normal).



Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Spike

Attaches the ball to your car when you bump into it.

Before using it, gather up boost. You are a spiky hedgehog, so you gotta go fast.

Use 1: Get the ball and fly to the goal. You can also try and go on the ground between your opponents but its riskier.

The ball is freed when another car hits it off or when the timer runs out.

If you're a noob this power-up might seem OP but there are many ways to counteract it:

Swapper: The ball is released and you swap places with the opponent. Don't use it too late though, the inertia will still take the ball in your goal.

Boot: Will kick both the ball and opponent away.

Tornado: Just hold your opponent up while he curses you.

Freeze: Releases the ball instantly.

Grappling Hook: Will pull you to hit the ball off. Just don't hit it in your goal.

Plunger: Pulls both the ball and your opponent. It won't take the ball off but its enough to save you from a goal.

Haymaker: Punches away both the ball and your opponent. Same as above.

DON'T use them right after the opponent spikes the ball because the he's invulnerable in the first second, and you'll just waste your power-up.

At the moment there's a bug where the ball gets released randomly without the timer going out or anyone counteracting it.



Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Haymaker

Punches the ball.

Use 1: Line it up and punch it into the goal.

Use 2: When goalkeeping.

The power of the punch depends on your car movement. If you're going away from the ball the punch will be lighter, if you're going towards the ball the punch will be harder.



Rocket League Rumble Power-ups - Plunger

Pulls the ball towards you.

Use 1: Pull it towards the goal. (Tip: destroy the goalkeeper while doing so)

Use 2: Pull it away from your goal but careful not to be too late.

Use 3: Do both at the same time and become a MASSIVE LEGEND.

Just like with Haymaker, your movement will modify the pull's power and also direction. That's why driving away from the ball when pulling will add more speed to it and taking a right or left turn will add curve to the ball in that direction.

You can tell if an opponent is planning to use it by his abnormal positioning between the ball and your goalpost.

Using it at far distance might break the cord, not having any effect.



Before crying about how your opponents get better power-ups, keep in mind that both teams usually receive the same power-ups.

Being demolished means you have a chance to lose your ready-to-use power-up. If the power-up is already activated you will always lose it.

Because of how chaotic rumble matches can be, rotation is less effective compared to normal matches so you have to be more dynamic on the field.

You can keep a power-up and wait for that perfect opportunity to use it but unless its Haymaker or Plunger you might want to use it right away to create what little advantage you can for your team.

Despite being considered a luck based mode, Rumble takes a little skill and with proper use of power-ups even an average skilled player can beat Grand Champions.


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