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Rocket League Blueprints System in Detail | Item Shop, Credits, Crate Conversion, Trade-ins

10/7/2019 3:34:05 PM

Now it's finally time: Psyonix has specified the period when the crates are removed from Rocket League. Previously, there had been only one announcement in August, which said that in 2019 should change something concrete. On October 1, 2019 the developers have now concretely commented on the plans.

According to this, the many different crates, which until now could only be opened by Rocket League keys or decryptors, are completely out of the game in December 2019. The Rocket League Blueprints is inherited in order to come to new exclusive and cosmetic Rocket League items in the game, by the so-called Blueprints.

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Rocket League Blueprint System

In December 2019, there will be, according to the information published on the official announcement, an update for Rocket League, which removes all crates from the game and introduces the blueprints. After each online game played, players then have the chance to receive a specific blueprint - just as it has been done with the crates so far.

However, the blueprint is specifically designed for a special item, which can then be unlocked against the payment of a fixed price. In your inventory, the plan can be assembled into a full item for real money. At the same time, those responsible are avoiding the current discussion about gambling elements in video games. Because with the blueprint system, you always know exactly which item in the game you spend how much money.


The blueprints are not limited in time. So you can just leave them for a later date or just collect them in your inventory. In addition, there is a chance that the blueprints are directly provided with additional attributes such as "colored", "certified" or "special edition".


Rocket League Item Shop with New In-game Currency - Credits

With the accompanying December update Psyonix wants to integrate even more than just the blueprint system in Rocket League. Accordingly, one will introduce a completely new Item Shop, which will have a variety of items in a rolling system. For a better comparison, one can imagine a significantly expanded version of the eSport shop, to which there will be some parallels.

Thus, the offer of the new shop will change regularly and the items purchased there will be bound to the account of the player. A trade in the Rocket League items is then not possible. The price for the upgrade of the blueprints as well as the items in the new shop is paid by the way with the new Rocket League Credits currency, which replaces the Rocket League keys completely.

Rocket League Credits are the new premium currency in the game that can be purchased for real money. Also to upgrade the Rocket Passes the credits will be needed in the future. Only the eSport Tokens will continue to exist separately and be required for the purchase of the items in the eSport Shop.


More information about the new shop system will be published in the coming months, and we will update all on our Rocket League Guides


New Rocket League Exclusive Items

With the new shop also items come into play, which fans have longed for the optical variation possibilities. Accordingly, the changing offer of the in-game shop will also include items such as the "Titanium White Dominus" and other cool skins.

In addition, there are items from older crates that have not been available for a long time in the game. They too should find their way back into Rocket League via the new shop.


The Great Crate Conversion

Many gamers will have asked themselves the question, what happens to all the boxes, which should be piled up in the inventories of the drivers up to the ceiling. Also on this Psyonix has the official announcement an answer. So it is the plan to convert all present in Rocket League keys and crates in credits and blueprints.

Specifically, this means that each key becomes a certain number of credits, each crate becomes a blueprint for each item series. More detailed information on how to integrate more items into the new Blueprint system will also follow in the coming months.


Rocket League Last Crate - Vindicator Crate

But before the new system is launched, Psyonix can not resist integrating one last new crate into the game. Already on Thursday, 3. October, an update will be added, which brings the so-called "Vindicator Crate" in about "protector" or "defender" create into play.

Of course, this new Rocket League Vindicator Crate includes many new skins, including the Sentinel Battle-Car and the Neuro-Agitator Gap.


Changes to the Rocket League Trade-ins System

The system of trade-ins will also be adjusted in the course of the coming changes. Thus, once the blueprint system comes on the server, it will no longer be possible to upgrade real-money paid items via the trade-in system. All Rocket League items that you receive via blueprints are therefore excluded from the system.

As usual, however, trade-ins will work with items you get from playing Rocket League. However, a revised inventory management should also allow for more clarity regarding these adjustments.