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Rocket League Blueprints System - Credits, Player-To-Player Trading, Trade-Ins and More Information

2019/11/6 12:01:48

In December 2019, all crates and keys will be removed from Rocket League. The well-known system of various games in Rocket League is replaced by so-called blueprints and a new premium currency - credits. 

On October, Psyonix frist revealed Rocket League Blueprints System ( Item Shop, Credits, Crate Conversion, Trade-ins), and now there is more information on how to integrate the blueprints in Rocket League. It was already known that every blueprint can be rewarded after every type of completed online game, just as it has so far been the case with the various crates. A definite plus: you can see exactly what the item is exactly before you spend money on it.

Rocket League Unveiled & Unrevealed Blueprints

After the update, which will introduce the blueprint system into the game, there is a chance after each completed game to get a revealed blueprint. This can be upgraded by investing credits for the item shown, alternatively acting or simply keeping in the likewise revised inventory.

Speaking of inventory: There, as also explained in the initial announcement in October, all collected boxes are converted into blueprints of the corresponding item series. Any blueprint that you receive in this way will appear as an unrevealed or "secret" blueprint in the inventory. Any undisclosed blueprint can be revealed at no extra cost to see which in-game item you can make from it. Then again the decision follows whether credits should be spent or not. This is the only way unrevealed blueprints will appear in the game.

Rocket League Player To Player Trading Still Available

One is aware of the developer, how important the community is the freedom of action of items with other players. Therefore, one is pleased to announce at this point that items will remain tradable in the same way as it has been the case. Excluded are a few exceptions. These include, for example, the unrevealed blueprints.

Traded unrevealed blueprints, blueprinted items, and other drop-outs available after online games remain tradable. Here is the official overview of Psyonix, which Rocket League items will be traded and which are not:

Tradable Rocket League Items:

- Revealed blueprints

- Items that have been built from Blueprints

- Credits (As long as the other party in the trade does not include their own Credits)

- Free Drops

- Tradable legacy content acquired prior to the Blueprint system

- Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers

- In-game event items

Not Tradable Rocket League Items:

- Credits when traded for Credits

- Credits when traded for nothing

- Unrevealed Blueprints

- Items purchased from the Item Shop

- Bonus Gifts and Items received from Bonus Gifts (more on that below)

- Esports Shop Items

Rocket League Decryptor and "Revival" Series

By the time the boxes are removed from Rocket League, there will be no Decryptor left. Inventory decryptors are converted into so-called "gift gifts" or "bonus gifts" that can be opened at no cost.

The additional gifts may include items from the Vidicator Crate and the first Blueprint series, the "Revival" series. The Revival series will bring back some of the most beloved items in the entire Rocket League history, according to the latest announcement. More detailed information should follow as soon as one approaches the release of the first Blueprint series.

Rocket League Trade-ins System Changes

The trade-ins are being revised with the blueprint system. Once the blueprints are in play, only free items that can be obtained after online games will be available for trade-ins. Rocket Pass items, such as blueprints and items made from blueprints, are also not available.

Later in November, new information about the upcoming item shop will also be revealed, Psyonix concludes, we will update it on our Rocket League News, stay tuned!