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> Rocket League Item Shop Offers Item Prices In Credits

Rocket League Item Shop Offers & Item Prices In Credits

11/22/2019 11:09:17 AM

Rocket League developer Psyonix had already unveiled the launch of a completely new item shop as part of the announcement of the upcoming blueprint system. So far, however, was only known that there in a rolling process, various Rocket League items should be available at a fixed price. Now there are more detailed information about structure and system.

The Item Shop will replace the showroom in the game to start. Directly from the main menu, players will have access to the new feature, which will include both battle cars and new wheels, as well as all other options for profile and car customization you can buy with Rocket League Credits.


Rocket League Item Shop Offer

In the shop itself, the offers will be divided into two different categories. While so-called "Featured Items" will be available for 48 hours before being exchanged for new items, there are also 24-hour changes to daily offers. In the shop, all Rocket League items should be available, the players also previously received in Rocket League.

These include colored battle cars, player banners, exotic wheels, goal explosions, rocket trails and everything in between. Every item available in the shop will have a fixed price in the new premium currency "credits", Psyonix continues to explain in the introduction.

The special feature: even before the purchase, the players know all the details about the transaction. This means: Price and received item including possible modifications like color, special edition and certifications are already known before the purchase. So if a Titanium White Octane is a Featured Item in the shop, you already know what price you have to pay for it.



Rocket League Item Prices In Credits On In-game Item Shop

This leads to the point that many players are most likely to be most interested in: the Rocket League prices. Although there are still no concrete details about the levels of prices in various items and rarities, but the conversion of keys and euro in credits is now known.

So it remains, as mentioned in the original announcement, that every key still in the inventory of players is automatically converted into credits. Any keys you currently have in your inventory will be converted to 100 Credits to use in the Item Shop, either on Rocket League Blueprints or to upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium. Also in the coming Rocket Pass 5, there will be credits to earn.

If you decide to invest real money in credits, you can expect the following prices:

500 credits: $ 4.99 or region equivalent

1,100 credits: $ 9.99 or region equivalent

3,000 credits: $ 24.99 or region equivalent

6,500 credits: $ 49.99 or region equivalent

As already mentioned, the new Rocket League In-Game Shop will replace the Showroom. This also means that all DLC packs will no longer be available for purchase from the time of the associated patch. Players who have already purchased this content, of course, keep the items in the inventory.



If you do not have the items by then, you may find them as individual offers at a later date in the Item Shop. The eSports shop remains unaffected by all the changes. There the system and the currency eSport token remains the same as it used to.

Next month, many other content would appear in Rocket League, Psyonix concludes. The current Season Pass 4 lasts until the 3rd of December, and new Rocket Pass 5 will start alongside with the Blueprint update rolls out on December 4!