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> Rocket League Ball Control Car Control Guide And Tips

Rocket League Ball Control (Car Control) Guide and Tips

2/6/2020 12:09:27 PM

Beginner players usually have a lot of questions about how to still fly like a superman and do all kinds of cool things, but no matter how boring it sounds, the most effective way here is to do all in-game trainings several times a week, restarting attempts with failures, until you begin to feel confident with the ball. In addition to constant practice, here are some tips to help you better control the ball during Rocket League gaming.

Rocket League Ball Control Key Tips

- All turns must be done with the drift button held down

- When flying on a ball, it is not necessary to keep all the time, sometimes it is more useful to let go and redirect the car while it is moving by inertia.

- The easiest way to kick the ball from the wall is to follow it along the wall, holding the machine parallel to the ground. In this case, a somersault from the wall will direct the ball to the center of the field (or to the goal).

- When violet sparks fly from under your wheels, you have reached maximum speed - you can let go of the and not waste it. Maximum speed can be developed without , tumbling forward twice.

- After flying to the ball, use the drift button to align the car with your inertia, so as not to lose speed when landing.

- The fastest way to get out of the enemy gates, if you drove right into them, go ahead and then level the car in the air with the drift button. You can roll forward when you start to ride upside down to speed up the process.

- The goalkeeper can reach the crossbar without a if you make a double jump, pulling up the nose of the car in the process (the main thing here is not to roll back accidentally).