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> Rocket League 10 New Game Skills Mechanics In 2020

Rocket League 10 New Game Skills (Mechanics) In 2020

2020/5/5 15:21:10

During the Rocket League gameplay, players constantly discover new skills or create new mechanics, which prompts the game to continuously give an exciting new gaming experience. Here's a list of 10 new skills in Rocket League, which are summed up by Youtuber - SunlessKhan. Let’s check out and learn how to do the 10 new amazing Rocket League skills from easy to seemingly impossible in 2020. 

2020 Rocket League New Mechanics

Top 10. No Flip (Easy)

The no flip were flipped cancel, this move is really simple. All this is is right after you flip towards the ball to shoot you just pull back on the stick the opposite direction that you flip. The hardest thing would be just if your stick is angled at all you'll kind of roll like this, so just about keeping the stick straight. This is one of the most fun things to practice, it's super easy and also feels awkward at the same time.

Top 9. Tornado Flick (Easy)

Start at the beginning of course is how to tornadoes spin period. All  that is you have to bind air roll right or left to a button and then you hold the stick the opposite direction of that bind and there you go tornado spinning, so for the flick all you're doing is tornado spitting up into the ball and then you know plucking the ball, it's pretty simple after that. The hardest part of this is having the ability to drip the ball comfortably and keeping the ball under control while you're doing this.

Top 8. Pre-Flips (Easy)

Here's another one that's super easy in theory. All this is  you're flipping way before you reach the ball, and you have to kind of predict where your wheels or nose or whatever you're hitting the ball with is going to end up after your flip. This was super fun to practice really easy, you just throw yourself at the ball and just see what happens.

Top 7. Turtle Flick (Medium)

Now we're getting into medium territory a little bit harder. The turtle flick is super awkward to do, that's actually a really good sign because it means it's a motion. All you do is you just a roll to the side, you turtle under the ball, and then you flip right when the ball, lands to a place where you can flip. It's really actually really hard to time it right where you pop the ball high.

Top 6. Musty Flick (Medium)

This one is actually fairly simple but it also takes a little bit of practice. When you watch it it looks like just a simple backflip flick but really it's kind of difficult, so there's actually two important notes about that: if your nose isn't pointing straight down when you do a back flip, you'll lose your momentum and won't flip forward powerfully. You have to get your nose pointed straight down. The problem with that is every time you point your nose down, your tail wants to hit the ball head of you, and you end up kind of doing this motion - missing the ball. The key is you have to add the ball way out on the front of your nose. 

Top 5. Power Flip Reset (Hard)

You would just put flip reset on here but you have managed to pull off a flip reset in the game and your flip presets are super weak. So to put power flip reset, what we really mean by that is you want to be able to actually get some good contact on the ball and get some power off of flip reset. How to do this? Use bacchus mod which allows you to set up the ball to rolls towards you, betray your oxen because flip presets are quite a bit easier on the flatcars. 

Top 4. Ceiling Musty Flick (Hard)

Really nothing will get you better at ceiling shots like going for musty flicked ceiling shots, because it demands even more precise air control. This would take a lot of repetition and a lot of misses, but eventually you are able to connect with the ball and get a decent amount of power on it, although it's not the cleanest of musty flicks a it's a ceiling shot musty flick. 

Top 3. Breezi Flick (Hard)

The breezi flick is a combination of a tornado spin and a musty flick. So again you should use the skills that you learned before and just combining them for a more difficult move, it's just like the tornado spin except halfway through you stop holding air roll, so then your car's just rotating into the musty flick position and flipping. The key to this is getting the motion down separately before trying to do it with the ball. Easy once you get the theory down practice that a couple times if you have a base level of dribbling, you should be able to do this, but it would take a lot of trial and error before you are finally able to pull one of these off.

Top 2. Ceiling Double Tap (Hard)

Start setting yourself up for the ball, just slowly hitting it off, don't use your arrow just use your normal stick and try to control it and follow it and get that double every single time. Just keep doing then once you get comfortable, with doing that hitting it off the wall, then you can move your car this way like start doing cool little spins and stuff to get a cooler looking double tap.

Top 1. Ceiling 360 Stall Flip Reset (Impossible)

It's pretty easy in theory but it's so hard to pull off. All it is you dodge left and air will right at the same time, if you do that at the same time perfectly timed, your car will just kind of like sit there when you jump. So my goal was to follow up the ceiling, do 360 stall under the ball get up on it flip reset and shoot. 

That’s all of the new game skills in Rocket League from SunlessKhan’s video, if you do want to improve your gameplay, take a try. You can find more Rocket League Guides and Tips here. Also the new Rocket League Items are hot sale on Rocketprices.Com at the best cheap prices!