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> Rocket League Stall Perform Double Touch Ceiling Shot Tutorial

Rocket League Stall & Perform Double Touch Ceiling Shot Tutorial

5/11/2020 3:47:00 PM

How to stall and double tap ceiling shot in Rocket League? In this guide, we will explain the double touch mechanic and teach you how to do the ceiling shot double.

What is Ceiling Shot Double Touch?

A double touch is a mechanic in Rocket League which means that a player hits the ball against a wall where they follow through and proceed to hit the ball after it bounces off of the wall. Ceiling Shot Double Touch is one of the hardest variations of this mechanic so far,  where the player sets himself up for a ceiling shot (for more info on ceiling shots click here) and then reverse standard flips into the ball, cancelling the flip after making contact, hitting it into the backboard (canceling the flip allows you to maintain car control allowing you to follow through and hit it into the goal).

How To Stall Double Tap Ceiling Shot?

We're going to start off with finding the arrow left button, it's going to be in the options menu under control binding, arrow left and right has been added to ps4 and Xbox One, so you can do this as well make sure you're comfortable with the binding because you're going to have to and jump while holding this arrow button. 

The first components of stalling are to turn your car to the right in midair, all you have to do is push your left analog stick to the right

The next step is to do a simple side flip to the right, this is easy 

The final step in doing a stall is to hold the arrow button while doing all these things together, we're just going to combine the side flip the turning to the right and holding the arrow button to create a magnificent stall.

More Tips For Perform The Ceiling Shot Double Touch Successfully

- Without doing the side flip, when you're turning it to the right and holding the left arrow button, they'll give your car that tornado type illusion once you add the side flip, along with the turn and the arrow left button you get the finished product, it basically looks like a frozen tornado. It's really not that hard once you realize it's three basic movements combined.

- Once you feel like you've got the stall down hardcore, it's time to get in some more advanced tactics. If you didn't know in Rocket League, you find a way to get in the air without jumping, you could use your flip whenever you want. But imagine replacing that flip with a beautiful stall instead.

- The same thing applies if you put all four wheels on the ceiling above, fly towards it and as you touch it and come down, you have a flip and with that flip you do install.

- It might seem difficult to touch the ceiling at first but with a little practice it becomes easy. After you do touch it just mix the stall in and it gives you a little more time in the air. Your goal after the stall is to keep your height in the air, because when freestyle passes come in they're usually up high and if you're all the way down low you're not going to have enough to recover and hit the ball. Keeping your height will also allow you to double-tap to ceiling which is what we are going to teach you.

- Make sure your car is pointing straight towards the ceiling after the stall before you start to again; or else you're going to fly in a different direction, this is wrong! So make sure you point to the ceiling one-two boobs, because you need to save as much as you can to either do another flip or to hit the ball in from a freestyle pass. 

- To practice the double touch from the ceiling we recommend going from the wall and falling off. After doing this stall, turning off ball cam helps a ton because it shows you how close your car is to the ceiling. Keep in mind this is extremely difficult and it wouldtake you a while to get this down, so don't expect it going to free play right now.

- Another quick tip is as you're toward the ceiling make sure you start to bend your car backwards so you don't just keep hitting the ceiling with your nose. Practicing stalls is quite hard and takes a lot of practice but it's worth it, because then you'll hit shots like legends did and they're pretty tasty.

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