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> Rocket League Kickoffs Tutorial How To Do Scrubkilla, Jacob Wavedash, Jhzer Fast Kickoffs To Win More Matches

Rocket League Kickoffs Tutorial - How To Do ScrubKilla, Jacob Wavedash, JHZER Fast Kickoffs To Win More Matches

1/18/2018 2:23:32 PM

Want to win more matches and hit high rank in Rocket League? A winning kickoff can help you a lot! Today, we are going to be teaching you about how to win more kickoffs by showing you the main characteristics of a winning kickoff, as well as teaching you three specific kickoff techniques that you can use to win more of your matches.

Rocket League Kickoff Techniques - How To Do ScrubKilla, Jacob Wavedash & JHZER Fast Kickoffs To Win More Matches

The Characteristics That A Winning Rocket League Faceoff Have 

First let's talk about some of the different characteristics that a winning faceoff have:

1. Your car is HIGHER/TALLER than your opponent’s car.

2. Your car is more “GOALDIDE” of the ball than your opponent’s car.

3. Your car touches the ball before your opponent’s and they don’t touch the ball at all

* Sometimes, you want the ball to go into your half of the field so a teammate can get it.

Rocket League Wining & Fast Kickoffs Tutorial

So from the above three characteristics that a winning faceoff have in Rocket League, we can see your car is the number one factor, but a prefect and fast kickoff to touch the ball before your opponent’s play a decisive role for winning. How to do a winning kickoff in Rocket League? There are three Rocket League kickoff mechanics that we do think can help you win more games:

- The ScrubKilla Kickoff

- The Wave dash Kickoff

- The Fast Kickoff

Now let’s get into each individual face-offs technique by watching below professional tutorial video from Holo Plays Games, in which you can learn how to do three effective Rocket League kickoff techniques - ScrubKilla, Wavedash, JHZER Fast Kickoffs:

Rocket League ScrubKilla Kick-off

There is lot more to this kick-off; though the video covers the basics, given kick-off 'wins' come from some very fine detail, these extra pointers are critical; Scrub immediately turns slightly towards the ball at the start of his kick-off, not directly in line, but a more direct route. He also makes a small correction upon landing, again to give him a more direct route to the ball. His use of boost upon landing after the first kick-off directly relates to his opponents positioning at that point. When performed properly, he is actually the first to the ball, pushes the ball into his opponent and then uses his dodge to guide the deflection out to the side and forward

Rocket League Jacob Wave-dash

Jacob's kick-off 'wins' are entirely related to the opponent and requires very last micro-second adjustments, so that he loses the ball low and to the side, towards his team mate - just to note, these are the critical factors, not the wave dash. The wave dash kick-off is very boost heavy and for myself, I've not found a use for it yet.

Rocket League Fast Kick-offs

Not seen these in a long time, as they are easy to counter; just use caution when applying this technique as the level of skill / precision required to perform is far higher than the level of skill required to counter.

This video of kick off covers all details perfect, more we add some small points to it that may help, otherwise, it's just observation and practice:

- For some players, kick-offs are like a version of rock, paper, scissors - there is no winning formula, only counters upon counters. Aligning your car between ball and goal is the 'safest' option, as it covers the most variables and generally prevents the ball escaping on dangerous trajectories

- The angle / plane of your car that you present to the ball is critical; again, the safest option is a solid nose of your car to the centre of the ball, what you do beyond this is entirely dependent on what your opponent is looking like they are doing and what your team mates are prepared for.

- Adapt kick-offs slightly, depending on what car you have. Using the Octane, no problems, but when you switch to Dominus, the lack of height and width would cause you a few losses - against an opponent with good skill, you need to adapt and use the cars length through the flip, almost like presenting a wall to the ball - this can often put you out of position after contact, but you’ll have the least boost of my team mates after the kick-off hit, so better you out of position than for them to deal with a difficult defense, right at the start.

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