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> Rocket League Rlcs Eu Season 5 Results Review Week 4

Rocket League RLCS EU Season 5 Results & Review Week 4

4/10/2018 3:38:42 PM

Rocket League RLCS Season 5 EU week 4 results & reviews . Find all the results of the major competition on Rocket League and a summary of the matches.


Rocket League RLCS EU Season 5 Week 4 Results

Rocket League RLCS EU Season 5 Week 4 Results

Complexity Gaming 3 - 2 Excel

Complexity Gaming snatches the first very tight game in overtime. Then, Excel wins 0-4 by stifling CG. Again a game played in favor of CG. Excel wins again 1-6 and offers the decisive game. The final victory is for CG that score a 6-3. The Vice World Champions and Excel gave us a thrilling encounter, the latter returning to the score each time authoritatively.


Flipsid3 Tactics 3 - 0 Gale Force Esport

Despite the 3-0 cashed by Gale Force who can believe in an easy match the confrontation was balanced. Indeed, the extension on each run was necessary to decide the teams, always in favor of Flipsid3 Tactics. The innings have been intense, the players are looking for their partners who then shoot instantly. There is no technical waste, the game is all the time air, the ball makes several rounds without ever touching the field. Yukeo delivers Flipsid3 twice in overtime. First defeat of Gale Force Esport in this season 5 of the RLCS.


Team Envy 3 - 0 Excel

Meeting that looks a lot like the previous one. The teams are constantly attacking, but the defenses are holding up. Excel is only 3 more errors than TeamEnvy, which translates into 3 more conceded goals, The scores of the heats are 2-1, 2-1 and 3-2. Unfortunately, Pwndx misses a difficult stop in the extension of the game.


Renault Sport Team Vitality 2 - 3 Flipsid3 Tactics

The Flipsid3 players start this match as they finished the previous one: dominant and victorious. This game comes down to constant shots on the cages of Renault Vitality, Kuxir97 scores 4 goals. Renault Vitality is more aggressive on the ball in the next set and wins 2-0. Flipsid3 is the winner of round 3 in overtime thanks to Miztik who commits suicide and bump the goalkeeper to allow Kuxir97 to score, the team game is once again the only solution to score. Renault Vitality is offering a decisive fifth round by winning the 4th after 2 minutes of overtime. The match is balanced and full of suspense, it is difficult to say who will win. Renault Vitality finally bows, the goals are left without goalkeeper and Flipsid3 benefits.


Gale Force Esport 3 - 2 Team Envy

Gale Force wins his games with great difficulty (two extra time) and makes mistakes by leaving empty cages or players miss the ball. Team Envy achieves a good performance by passing near an excellent result.


Renault Sport Team Vitality 3 - 1 Fnatic

Fnatic plays very well and wins a round in this bo but it is insufficient. Renault Vitality does not spoil the chances of goals and never breaks up, that's what makes the difference in the end.

RLCS EU Season 5 Ranking

RLCS EU Season 5 Ranking

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