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Rocket League Leveling System - Rocket League XP Ranks & Level Titles

5/10/2018 3:48:32 PM

To go along with Rocket League Ranking System in competitive play, there's also a basic experience bar in the lower left corner of the main menu, it refers Rocket League Leveling System, which is the independent progression system in which players earn XP (Experience Points) at the end of a completed match and is displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the HUD (Heads-up Display). In this guide, you will learn how does the Rocket League Leveling System work in the game by explaining XP Ranks and Level Titles.

Rocket League Leveling System - Rocket League XP Ranks & Level Titles


Rocket League Leveling System

What is Rocket League Leveling System and Level Titles?

The Leveling System is the independent progression system in which players earn XP (Experience Points) at the end of a completed match and is displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the HUD (Heads-up Display). Points from games earned in online and offline games add to this bar. Players can earn new Level Titles at different milestone levels that replace the previous one. Each time you reach a new level, it will take more XP to reach the next. Your experience XP rank is more of a badge of honor than anything else. And now Making XP relevant again. Earning Decryptors through play. New Banners, Titles, and other Rocket League items as reward for reaching high levels.

What are Experience Points? How do they affect my Level?

As you play the game, you acquire Experience Points (XP). These points help you level up. Initially, you start as Level 1 and can level up to Level 75 (maximum level available). 

Can I acquire XP offline and online?

Playing online gives you a certain amount of XP, and playing offline will give you exactly half those points. These points are earned through scoring goals, shooting center balls, defending goals, winning matches, etc. 

What are Rocket League Level Titles?

Rocket League Level Titles, or XP Titles, are shared and the same for both online and offline play and across all game modes. However, playing online games gives twice as much experience than offline games. Depending on the level you have reached, different titles will be displayed. Titles do not reflect skill or ability, nor do they affect the Tier Ranking on the Competitive playlists. They only show how many points you have managed to add up over time. 


Rocket League XP Ranks & Level Titles

How does Rocket League Leveling System Work?

In the surprise hit Rocket League from 2015, you can stand out from your fellow players with a title. In our table you will learn when you get the individual titles, what is there, what is the maximum level and how many XP you need for it. In addition, we tell you how long it takes with good leadership, until you should have reached the maximum level.

The times, of course, only refer to effective playing time, not the minutes and hours you spend up to level 75 in the menu or match-making.

Here are those ranks from lowest to highest:

Level Title - Rookie (levels 1-9)

From level 1 to level 9 you have been a rookie. As a rule, as long as you also successfully complete some games in between, that is around 1000 XP, it should take a maximum of one hour before you can move up to the next rank.

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
1000 Minutes
21.00015 Minutes
32.00015 Minutes
43.250210 Minutes
54.750315 Minutes
66.500420 Minutes
79.250630 Minutes
813.000945 Minutes
917.750121 Hour

Level Title - Semi-Pro (levels 10-19)

Even as a semi-pro, it is still relatively fast progress with the rise. You are barely noticed until level 19, but if your achievements are sufficient you will be on for about 10 hours.

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
1023.500161 Hour 20 Minutes
1130.250201 Hour 40 Minutes
1238.750262 Hours 10 Minutes
1349.000332 Hours 45 Minutes
1461.000413 Hours 25 Minutes
1574.750504 Hours 10 Minutes
1690.250605 Hours
17108.250726 Hours
18128.750867 Hours 10 Minutes
19151.7501018 Hours 5 Minutes

Level Title - Pro (levels 20-29)

Anyone who has made it to Pro has either spent enough time in Rocket League at some point to make it to this title or is just a pro. If the expected number of rounds and the estimated time to level up has been largely in tune, you should spend a little over 20 more hours to level up to level 30.

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
20177.25011810 Hours
21205.25013711 Hours 25 Minutes
22236.50015813 Hours 10 Minutes
23271.00018115 Hours
24308.75020617 Hours 10 Minutes
25349.75023319 Hours 25 Minutes
26394.00026322 Hours
27442.25029524 Hours 30 Minutes
28494.50033027 Hours 30 Minutes
29550.75036730 Hours 30 Minutes

Level Title - Veteran (levels 30-39)

If you are allowed to call yourself a veteran, you deserve it. From now on it will be harder and harder to reach the next level. After all, you have to complete nearly 1000 laps with a good rating for the next title.

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
30611.00040734 Hours
31675.25045037 Hours 30 Minutes
32744.25049641 Hours 15 Minutes
33818.00054545 Hours 30 Minutes
34896.50059850 Hours
35979.75065354 Hours 30 Minutes
361.067.75071259 Hours 15 Minutes
371.161.25077464 Hours 30 Minutes
381.260.25084070 Hours
391.364.75091076 Hours

Level Title - Expert (levels 40-49)

The "expert" who drives. And scores! In the days when other players play through their entire collection of games, you played soccer with somersaulting rocket cars. Respect. But it is even better.

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
401.474.75098382 Hours
411.590.250106088 Hours 15 Minutes
421.712.000114195 Hours
431.840.0001227102 Hours
441.974.2501316109 Hours 30 Minutes
452.114.7501410117 Hours 30 Minutes
462.261.5001508125 Hours 30 Minutes
472.415.2501610134 Hours
482.576.0001717143 Hours
492.743.7501829152 Hours 30 Minutes

Level Title - Master (levels 50-59)

You learn about other Rocket League players and put them on track. Maybe you have too much time, maybe you are just pretty good too. From the appointment to the Master until the next title, it now takes about the same amount of time as to this point.

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
502.918.5001946162 Hours
513.100.2502067172 Hours 30 Minutes
523.289.7502193182 Hours 45 Minutes
533.487.0002325193 Hours 45 Minutes
543.692.0002461205 Hours
553.904.7502603217 Hours
564.125.2502750229 Hours
574.354.2502903242 Hours
584.591.7503061255 Hours
594.837.7503225268 Hours 45 Minutes

Level Title - Legend (levels 60-73)

You are known as a legend and with the considerable number of hours that is not surprising. Not much is coming from now. Only the last title and the max level. Go for it!

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
605.092.2503395283 Hours
615.355.2503570297 Hours 30 Minutes
625.627.5003752312 Hours 30 Minutes
635.909.0003939328 Hours 15 Minutes
646.199.7504133344 Hours 30 Minutes
656.499.7504333361 Hours
666.809.0004539378 Hours 15 Minutes
677.128.2504752396 Hours
687.457.5004972414 Hours 15 Minutes
697.796.7505198433 Hours
708.146.0005431452 Hours 30 Minutes
718.505.2505670472 Hours 30 Minutes
728.875.2505917493 Hours
739.256.0006170514 Hours

Level Title - Rocketeer (level 74 and above)

Over 500 hours later, you sailed every bit of the Arenarasens - several times - and you have scored so many goals that you can no longer count them. To complete the maximum level of Rocket League, you can collect a total of 10,462,750 XP. Then nothing comes.

LevelXPNumber of Successful RoundsEstimated Time
7410.049.7506432536 Hours
7510.462.7506700558 Hours 15 Minutes


More FAQs You May Want To Know About Rocket League XP

I don't want others to see my Title, can I hide it?

Certainly! Since your Title does not necessarily reflect skill, everyone has the option not to display their level by going to the Garage sub-menu, select the tag icon and then choose the "None" option.

Can I reset my Level/Title/Experience Points?

Given that this information is not stored locally, but on our servers, there is currently no way to reset nor manually modify this information. 

When playing Online, will I get paired with other people that have my same Level and Title?

You may, but this is not a criteria used by the Matchmaking system. Players' Levels do not always go hand-in-hand with their skills, which is why the system uses different criteria when pairing you with and against other players.

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