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> Rocket League Salty Shores Update Season 7 End Date, Impact Crate, Import Car Twinzer, Beach Blast Event Items

Rocket League Salty Shores Update - Season 7 End Date, Impact Crate, Import Car Twinzer, Beach Blast Event Items

5/23/2018 12:24:08 PM

Summer kicks off in the Rocket League with the Salty Shores update! Psyonix will not wait for Georgie Dann to find the guitar to dress his football proposal on wheels: On May 29, 2018, Rocket League Salty Shores update to the game, and that means summer-themed versions for console and desktop versions, as well as the prelude to the competitive season 8. In this guide, let’s detail the contents and new items we’ve known so far that the players can expect.

Rocket League Salty Shores Update


Rocket League Salty Shores Release Date & Season 8 Start Date

The developer Psyonix announced today that the new Rocket League Salty Shores update will be released on May 29, 2018, for all platforms, at least if the certification works everywhere. At the same time, Rocket League Season 7 will start and Season 8 end. This includes the trailer, which was also published.

Rocket League Salty Shores Update Contents & New Items

What new items will come with Rocket League Salty Shores Update? The Salty Shores update includes:

- New Import Battle-Car Twinzer & Impact Crate

Of course, we will also have the opportunity to decorate our cars with all kinds of summer motifs and even launch a new Battle-Car: the fun Twinzer. This new Rocket League Twinzer uses the Octane hitbox, available as Limited Drop in the new Rocket League Impact Crate. What the other items will you can obtain from the new Impact Crate has not been announced officially. But we can sure new decals, wheels will be included to match up the Twinzer. And remember that, all these new Rocket League items and crates are sale on RocketPrices.com now!


Rocket League Twinzer Hero Art

- New Beach-Themed Arena - Salty Shores

Once again, the star novelty is the new Arena that gives a name to the actual update: Salty Shores takes us to an idyllic beach where the sand contrasts with a radiant bluish sky. Of course, beyond the area of play, Psyonix has not paid attention to details when setting this stage.

Rocket League Salty Shores Arena


- New Summer-Themed Beach Blast Event Items - The Rocket League Summer In-game Event Starting June 11th

The sand is the main course, of course, but it will be the rest of the contents that will have us hooked to the screen a new event called Beach Blast will take place on June 11 and new details will be offered throughout these days. Of course, the summer atmosphere is guaranteed beforehand.

Rocket League Beach Blast Event


- Rocket League Season 7 Rewards Will Be Distributed & More Developments Will Be Added

The update brings the end of the Competitive Season 7 and the star of Rocket League Competitive Season 8. On the part of the competitive aspect of Rocket League, with the update will be the relay of the season, what supposes the distribution of Rocket League Competitive Season 7 Rewards and the beginning of the Competitive Season 8. Although it will also be used to add some more practical developments, such as the addition of a button to report servers in which there are inappropriate behaviors.


- Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3 Playlist In Game

Last but not least... And the speakers: 'Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3' will be the new and refreshing playlist created for the occasion, in collaboration with the Monstercat label.

Rocket League continues adding content and excuses to bet on its crazy combination of football and driving, keeping fresh a formula as simple as fun and that very recently came to Switch in physical format. Of course, from 29 May if we do not take the console to the beach, it will be the beach that arrives at the consoles. More Rocket League news will be updated here, stay tuned!