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> Psyonix Details The Drop Rates In The Rocket League Crates And Keys System

Psyonix Details the Drop Rates in the Rocket League Crates and Keys System

7/24/2018 11:38:21 AM

With major changes on the way to Rocket League this summer, including Rocket Pass and the progression system, Psyonix today shared new details about the drop rates in the Rocket League Crates and Keys system.

Rocket League Crate Drop Rates


The prize money scandal is not over and is continuing to produce its effects. We are talking about the accusation of this monetization system of being close to gambling, born of the Star Wars: Battlefront II affair. Obviously, the big publishers are not happy, because they had found a great way to make money without fatigue or, as said by Michael Pachter, exploiting the stupid, but now the car is in motion and the new legislation looming, so someone is going bringing forward.


Psyonix ensures that the drop rates of winning the Rocket League items draw are the same since the Rocket League Crates and Keys system launched in September 2016. You can play our Rocket League Crate Open Simulator to check the accuracy of drop rates. Let's read them:


Rocket League Crate Items Drop Rates

Rare items: 55%

Very rare items: 28%

Import items: 12%

Exotic items: 4%

Black market items: 1%

Chance of receiving Painted attribute: 25%

Chance of receiving Certified attribute: 25%


The presentation of the percentages is part of a series of changes coming to play from the summer, such as the Rocket League Rocket Pass. Percentages naturally change based on the level of rarity of items that may or may not be included in crates. A move that undoubtedly increases the transparency at the base of the game and the obtaining of Customization Items.


Psyonix has also made it known that it will notify any changes to these percentages on its official website, although short-term changes have not been explicitly put in the quote. Changes that are still part of the natural life cycle of a product such as the Rocket League, so there are no plans.