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> Rocket League October 2019 Update Haunted Hallows Event New Partup Feature Teamcolor Boost Meters

Rocket League October 2019 Update | Haunted Hallows Event, New Part-Up Feature, Team-Color Boost Meters

10/8/2019 10:16:54 AM

The Rocket League October Update is set to release on October 14, which contains the unexpected Haunted Hallows Event, Post-Game Party-Up, Team-Colored Boost Meters, Quickplay Button and more new features. Let's take a preview of the Rocket League October 2019 Update Patch Notes.


Rocket League October Update Release Time

The next Rocket League October 2019 update is ready to drop on all platforms on October 14 at 10 a.m. PDT (5 p.m. UTC).


Rocket League October Update Contents

Rocket League Halloween 2019 Event - Haunted Hallows

For the third time in the game, the Halloween event is back on the Rocket League charcoal courts! As with previous events, it will be possible to obtain limited-time currency Candy Corn at the end of each game, and then redeem them in themed Rocket League items in the dedicated section! The event will start just when the update will be released, running until the end of the month, and further news will be released in the coming days.

Rocket League 2019 Haunted Hallows Start Time & End Time

Start Time: October 14 at 10 a.m. PDT (5 p.m. UTC).

End Time: To be confirmed


Rocket League Post-Game Party-Up

Did you find good teammates while you were playing, and would you like to party with them? Of course, you could ask for the friendship or the related Code and create a party, but why not create it automatically as soon as you finish a game and save time? Once the update is live, this feature will be made available on all platforms, allowing you to play with the same people you met in the team even in the next game!


Colors of the Boost-Meter Tied To the Team

Another change planned with this update is related to the background color of the Boost-Metro, the circular box at the bottom right of the screen that helps you to take into account the boost you have. It will change color based on the team you are on, and can also have your club colors in the event of a fight against another club! The option for colorblinds for this new feature will be available.


Quickplay Button

The developers want to reduce the time to search for a game, and as a result they will add a Quick Search button that will allow you to search for a game in the last mode you played. The first time, if you have not played any mode, it will make you look for a Standard 3vs3 game by default!


New Design for the News Panel

The news panel that accompanies you when you access the game will see some aesthetic changes, especially concerning the colors of the panel and the layout of the novelties, in order to make comprehension and communication easier. It can always be hidden and reactivated as currently possible.


New Team Items in the Esports Shop

Two new teams join the list of Team Esports in the dedicated store, in particular Spacestation Gaming and Complexity. Their new items will appear once the update is live, and will follow the same rules as those already present.

More information of the new Rocket League October Update will be updated on our section of Rocket League Gudies & News, and new Haunted Hallows Items will be for sale here at the best prices on RocketPrices.Com, stay tuned!