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> Rocket League Competitive Rumble Hoops Snow Day And Dropshot Modes May Be Added Into Playlists

Rocket League - Competitive Rumble, Hoops, Snow Day and Dropshot Modes May Be Added Into Playlists

6/4/2018 10:55:29 AM

Since its global release July 7, 2015, Rocket League has managed to impose its unique concept of football by car, bringing over time four other sports variants such as basketball (Hoops), ice hockey (Snow Day ), volleyball (Dropshot), or the Rumble mode, a classic version accompanied by some special abilities.

Rocket League - Competitive Rumble, Hoops, Snow Day and Dropshot Modes


Unfortunately, even though these alternative game modes each have their own community, none have really met the expected success. The fact that none of these four variants is available in competitive mode may not be foreign to it.


On the official Reddit of Rocket League, a member, called SweetartsRL, mentioned that the title of Psyonix had lost a large portion of its users in six of the last seven months, suggesting that the game may have needed to bring a breath of fresh air to attract potential new players. In response to this person, Psyonix stated the following:

"It's important to look at the larger picture. Our goal is still to build Rocket League into a 10+ year franchise you can stick with like Counter-Strike or Team Fortress 2, and short-term trends on one platform or another don't change that. Team Fortress is a particularly interesting historical example because it's still going strong, but you can easily cherry pick 6 month stretches in its Steamcharts history and frame it very negatively. CSGO is also down on Steamcharts since January, but that doesn't make me question the future of Counter-Strike. The reality of long-lived MP games is that they all go through phases over time."

"Beyond that, just about every popular multiplayer game is dealing with some correction in player numbers due to the runaway success of Battle Royale games, and we're no exception. What matters is that we keep building on our foundation and giving all Rocket League players reasons to keep playing. That's why we're revamping our XP system and introducing Rocket Pass later this summer so every match you play is advancing you towards a new unlock, even if your skill is temporarily capped out. We're expanding our tournaments with Automated Ranked Tournaments that give out exclusive rewards to give you more ways to compete. We're implementing cross-platform parties so you can play with your friends no matter where they play from."


At the end of his answer, Psyonix also unveils some new additional information on the future of his game, revealing that his other sports modes could land as competitive modes in season 9. Remember that the eighth season of Rocket League began a few days ago with the arrival of the Rocket League Salty Shores update, lovers of alternative modes will have to wait a few more weeks before hoping to receive a special grade corresponding to their specialty in these sports variants.


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